Texts and Materials

The Cherished Values Character program is unique among the character programs in the country. It has a clear and workable definition of character, “The degree to which one’s behavior is consistent with his beliefs.”

It has a core set of 25 cherished values of the American people, displayed on an attractive poster.

And it has its own texts, one for the elementary and middle school grades, one for high school students and beyond, along with a Teacher’s Manual.

High School Text

The high school text, The Good Book, explains each of the 25 values and includes a character component that shows students how to make each of the values the content of their character.

Grade School Text

The Elementary and Middle School book introduces the youngest students to character and values, with age-appropriate material and language.

Teacher’s Manual

The Cherished Values Character Program Teacher’s Manual is full of great ideas to help teachers successfully use the program. It also has numerous writing exercises. Some schools use the Teacher’s Manual in their English classes as part of their writing programs.

Success In School

Success in School, a book for students that contain valuable information that will help students be more successful in school. It tells students things that every high school student needs to know, but too often, have no one to tell them. 

A Little Book for Big People

A Little Book for Big People; The Triumph of Character over Conditions is an inspirational book that has been used with great success along with the character text. Students love it, and adults who read it, almost always want every young person they know to read it.

Understanding and Educating African American Children Understanding and Educating African American Children has been used by school districts all over the country to help educators better understand and teach today’s students. It is hailed by many as the best book available on the education of African American students, and it is needed now more than when it was first written. Schools who want to improve the graduation rate of their students, especially their African American students, will find this book extremely helpful.

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