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     America’s world Role Essay Contest: A national conversation

  • An invitation to America’s youth to help shape the course of the nation 
  • For years now America has stood alone as the world’s only super power, the greatest and most powerful military and economic force known to man. Since we are in uncharted territory there is no tested path for us to follow. And since there has been no national unified discussion, there is no consensus among the American people about the issues we face. 
  • It is time for the American people to speak on the greatest Foreign Policy issue of our time, our role as the planet’s only super power. What should we do with this unprecedented power and wealth? Should we build a wall around ourselves, and keep it all for ourselves? Should we reach out to other nations and share our great wealth, and wealth alone? If we share our wealth, should we demand adoption of our way of life? Should we help democratic Nations only? Should we give priority to underdeveloped countries?
  • What should we do about tyrants and despots in other lands? Should we be the world’s policemen? What should we do about poverty and natural disasters? Should we be the world’s bread basket? Should we transport our way of life around the world? 
  • Should be the world’s leader? If so, where would we lead them? What would be our vision for the world?  Exactly what should our world role be? Under what circumstance should we use our military might? To whom should we share our resources? What shall be the process for our involvement outside of our borders? You are invited to share your thoughts on this subject.
  • In a well constructed essay of 500 words or fewer give your views of the role that America should play as the world’s only super power. Begin your essay with some historical perspective to America’s position, include information about America’s place in the world in terms of economic and military power, and give clear thoughts on how this power should be used to address some of the crucial problems on the planet: such as poverty, disease, imbalance of wealth, power, natural resources, and climatic conditions. Address the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and our responsibility to the United Nations. End your essay with a visionary statement as to a future for the planet if your path for this country was followed.
  •                                                            Categories   
  • There are three categories for this contest: Junior High School, High School and College. Each level will be graded on standards appropriate for that level. 
  •  The essays  will be graded on their compliance with the rules of good grammar, spelling, sentence structure, the accuracy of the historical information, effective use of current statistics and data, coherence, fluency, and eloquence. Finally, the essays will be judged on their relevance, whether the suggestions are possible and realistic, and whether following them is likely to lead to the stated goals.

  • College 
  • First place $1,000.00
  • Second place $500.00 

  • High School
  • First place………..$1,000, 00
  • Second place……..$500.00
  • Third place $250.00

  • Junior High 
  • First place……..$500.00
  • Second place $300.00
  • Third place… $200.00

  • The Cherished Values character Group is now soliciting schools and other youth organizations to participate in this essay contest. Interested parties
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  • information.