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Materials for Teachers and Students


  • The Cherished Values Character Program is the only character program with it’s own text. We have texts for elementary and high school students, and a Teacher’s manual. There is also an attractive poster listing the twenty-five cherished values.
  • The Teacher’s Manual provides additional guidelines for implementation and many creative ideas for discussions and writing assignments. 
  • The student book has a three tier format: the presentation of the value, a character component of that value, and rules to live by for those who possess that value. The presentation of the value is simply the presenting of the value as one of the important, or cherished values of the American people. There is an explanation of how the value came to be one of our values, why it is important to Americans, and what it means to embrace that value. This section also gives examples of people whose lives embodied that value. Following the explanation of each value is a character component. In the character component, students are told how a person who holds that value and has good character would behave in relationship to the value. It is explained how one would put his/her life in line with the value. In today’s jargon, it would be how one would “walk the talk,” or, as Socrates states it, “be in reality what he claims to be.” The character component is followed by a set of rules called, “Rules to live by.” In the rules to live by section there are several simple rules, or “do’s and don’ts” for people who have the value discussed in that section. The student book also contains twenty-five life situations called character in daily life that test and demonstrate values and character.
  • The Good book: A Guide to Becoming a Good Person is an introduction to the values for the earlier grades. 
  • The Good Book: Character is the thing provides a clear and thorough explanation of each of the 25 cherished values, the book does not associate any of the values with any particular religion, and does not promote any religion. One of the purposes of this character program is to help schools and youth organizations teach values and develop character without getting drawn into religious controversy, and without promoting any particular religion, or religion in general.
  • The Cherished Values Character program is available to schools and other organization that work with young people. In addition to the material, trainers are available to help schools and other organizations get the greatest benefit from the Cherished Values Character program. We would like for 
  • schools to become character schools under our umbrella.
  • Schools can become Cherished Value Character Schools by:
  • Embracing the mission of the Values First Group, acquiring the material for the school, or a sizeable group at the school, and implementing the program. Special implementation training is available, but the teachers manual has implementation guidelines that are so clear and easy to follow, and the material is so complimentary to the curriculum and school schedule, that it would hardly be necessary to have outside help for getting started with the program. 
  • For more information about how your group could implement the Cherished Values Character program and become a CVCP school please contact us.
  • William Jenkins 
  • Cherished Values Character Group
  • P. O. Box 23081
  • St. Louis, MO 63156
  • Ph. (314) 652-7933
  • E-mail: william-jenkins@sbcglobal.netBooks  


texts and materials

Grade School Text


  • The Good Book for the earlier grades is a perfect introduction to the Cherished Values of The American People. It is said of this book, "It contains things that every child should learn, but no on is teaching." It is taught quite well in the Good book, and many schools have used this book for 9th. graders.



  • Parents have discovered that the Good Book is the best and easiest book they've found to teach their children about the values they hold dear and want to pass on to their children. 


  • What's Missing in the Education of African-American Children is a perfect book for those who wish to understand the values and practices common to effective schools. It highlight the values that were present in effective schools of the past and tells how any school, with the right values and practices, can become, or remain exceptional.



  • Success in School is a powerful, personal guide for students as they navigate their high school years. Invaluable information that is also inspirational. This book, in the hands of students, could lower the drop out rate and increase the graduation rate in the country. 

Staff Development


  • What's Missing in the Education of African-American  Children by William Jenkins is acclaimed by many to be the best book available of the effective educating of African-American Children. It has been used by school districts all over the country and is just as helpful and needed today as it was when it was first written.

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  • A Little Book for Big people; the Triumph of Character over Circumstances is a book of profound truths acted out in the lives of people who exemplified the cherished values of the American people.