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Values + Commitment = Character

Our mission is to have all American children make the Cherished Values of the American people the content of their character.

Cherished Values of the American People

  • The Cherished Values Character group consists of ordinary Americans who love the country and cherish its values and commitment to those values. We are parents, ministers, teachers, community workers, public office holders, firemen, police officers, veterans, and a host of everyday people who are concerned with the country.
  • We believe that the greatest problem facing the country is the erosion of the core values that have distinguished us and made us who we are, one of the leading countries on the planet.
  • We believe that the best way to improve the country is to restore and strengthen those values among our citizens, especially our youth. So, we focus on values. Without values, there is no way to judge character. Character is the degree to which one’s behavior mirrors his/her values.

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Bullying & Your Character

Bullying is a big problem in schools today, and educators are looking for ways to address it. We can end bullying in schools if more young people build their character on good values. People with a good character don't bully and don't allow bullying in their presence.


Books, Text, and Materials

The Cherished Values Character program is unique among the character programs in the country. It has a clear and workable definition of character, “The degree to which one’s behavior is consistent with his beliefs."

It has a core set of 25 cherished values of the American people, displayed on an attractive poster.

And it has its own texts, one for the elementary and middle school grades, one for high school students and beyond, along with a Teacher’s Manual.


The Cherished Values comes with its own text, including a separate text for elementary and high school students and a teacher's manual.


The Good Book: A Guide to Becoming a Good Person is an introduction to the values for the earlier grades.


Virtual Learning
The texts make this program easy to implement with any group and is perfect for use in the home for virtual learning.


Teachers Manual
The Teacher’s Manual provides additional guidelines for implementation and many creative ideas for discussions and writing assignments.


Schools will become character schools under our umbrella.

Visit often, for it is an interactive site, and updates and changes will be made frequently.