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          Cherished Values of the American People

  • The greatest problem facing our nation today is the erosion of the values that have been the foundation of its greatness. People live their lives in pursuit of their values; they spend their money and time pursuing the things they value. The scriptures proclaim, "Where a man's heart is, there his treasure will also be."
  • The great majority of the character programs in the country today focus too much on character, and not enough on values, the content of character. Without values, there is no way to judge character. Character is the degree to which one’s behavior mirrors his/her values.

  •                      Values +Commitment= Character

  • We want to instill and/or strengthen the values that made the country strong. We believe that our strength is in our values, and that we will remain strong as long as the values that support that strength remain the center of our lives.
  • We are educators, parents, spiritual, civic and community leaders who are deeply concerned about the future of the country. We are committed to a common core of values, a strong family life, youth development, and responsible citizenship. 
  • Our mission is to have all American Children make the Cherished values of the American people the content of their character.   


  • 1. To have American become aware of the core values of the American people. 
  • 2. To have all Americans make these 25 values the content of their character. 
  • 3. To have youth understand the role values play in character. 
  • 4. To engage youth in value strengthening behaviors and activities. 
  • 5. To empower young Americans to explain, defend and perpetuate the cherished values of the American people.

  •                   Cherished Values of the American People

  • 1.  Life and human dignity 
  • 2.  Religion and Religious freedom 
  • 3.  Country and citizenship 
  • 4.  Personal freedoms 
  • 5.  Respect for the rights of others 
  • 6.  Respect for others' property 
  • 7.  Justice and fair play 
  • 8.  Motherhood 
  • 9.   Family 
  • 10  Respect for the elderly 
  • 11.   Taking personal responsibility 
  • 12.  Diligent and honest work 
  • 13.  Knowledge 
  • 14.  Contributing to society
  • 15.  Obeying the Rules 
  • 16.  Respect for Authority
  • 17.  Taking care of our environment
  • 18.  Gratitude
  • 19.  Humility
  • 20.  Loyalty 
  • 21.  Compassion (kindness)
  • 22.  Worthy Accomplishments
  • 23.  Honesty and integrity in speech and deed 
  • 24.  Courage
  • 25.  Virtue

                              Values +Commitment= Character


  • Character is the degree to which one's behavior is in line with his/her values. It is the degree to which one is what he claims to be. 

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  • We offer staff development for teachers, presentations for students, parents, and concerned citizens to improve the school community. We have been very successful in our efforts. 


  • Those who commit to good values demonstrate good character, the stronger the commitment, the stronger the character; the stronger the character, the stronger the person; the stronger the person, the stronger the country.


  • We have material and presentations for every age group and setting. Our programs will fit wherever there are young people who are in the values developing stage of their lives.

Values start early


  • The missing element in most character programs is values. Without values, there is no way to instill and measure character.
  • Cherished Values is devoted to our core set of values.


  • We have texts for grade school and high school students, each containing age approach material aimed to get students to understand and embrace the cherished values of the American people.


  • Cherished Values Character program has a special approach for getting rid of bullying. It builds a bully proof circle, which is a circle of friends who surround the one who is being bullied with a wall of friends that the bully can't penetrate. 

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